A look inside The Jazz Gallery

Photo by Jennie Barst, courtesy of the artist.

Photo by Jennie Barst, courtesy of the artist.

Guitarist Rotem Sivan has a sound that pulls you into his own world. Though he plays fluid lines reminiscent of peers like Mike Moreno and Gilad Hekselman, Sivan adds a different kind of spice to the mix—a sharp articulation evocative of the classical guitar tradition.

Like Hekselman, Sivan moved from Israel to New York to study at the New School and quickly became a fixture at downtown clubs like Smalls and Fat Cat, playing with the likes of drummer Ari Hoenig and fellow guitarist Peter Bernstein. This Thursday, February 12th, Sivan will journey uptown to make his debut as a leader on The Jazz Gallery stage.

Sivan released his sophomore album For Emotional Use Only (Fresh Sound) this past September. The record has received positive notice from All About Jazz for its ability to “cast spells” and “astonish.” Check out some of Sivan’s musical magic in the videos below, including the lush and lyrical title track from the new album as well as the fleet-footed “New Dance.”

The Rotem Sivan Trio plays The Jazz Gallery on Thursday, February 12th, 2015. The group features Sivan on guitar, Haggai Cohen Milo on bass, and Ziv Ravitz on drums. Sets are at 8 and 10 p.m. $15 general admission ($10 for members) for the first set, $10 general admission ($8 for members) for the second.  Purchase Tickets Here.