A look inside The Jazz Gallery

Courtesy of the Artist

Courtesy of the Artist

This Tuesday, March 31st, The Jazz Gallery is once again proud to present composer Miho Hazama and M_Unit. Hazama has a new album in the works with her uniquely-instrumentated large ensemble, following up her acclaimed debut Journey to Journey (Sunnyside) in 2013. Tuesday will be your only chance to get a sneak peak at this new and exciting music.

In the meantime, check out this video from M_Unit’s last performance at the Gallery, featuring Steve Wilson on alto saxophone.

The Miho Hazama M_Unit performs at The Jazz Gallery on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015. Ms. Hazama leads the group as composer and conductor, and the ensemble features Cam Collins, Ryoji Ihara, and Andrew Gutauskas on woodwinds; Matthew Jodrell on trumpet; Adam Unsworth on French Horn; Joyce Hamman and Sara Caswell on violin; Lois Martin on viola; Meaghan Burke on cello; James Shipp on vibraphone; Sam Harris on piano; and Jake Goldbas on drums. $15 general admission for the first set ($10 for members), $10 general admission for the second ($8 for members). Purchase tickets here.