A look inside The Jazz Gallery

L to R: Gyan Riley, David Cossin, Sharon Monk, Tom Kolor. Photos courtesy of the artists.

This Monday, September 25th, The Jazz Gallery is proud to present a double bill of genre-spanning duos—Super Balls and Tiny Rhymes. Both groups feature percussionists from the ensemble Talujon, one of The Jazz Gallery’s partners in the NewMusicUSA Impact Fund cohort.

Super Balls is a long-running duo project of guitarist Gyan Riley and percussionist David Cossin. With both Talujon and the Bang on a Can All-Starts, Cossin has worked with numerous composers from across the stylistic spectrum, and has an ideal collaborator in Riley, a guitarist whose work straddles free improvisation and more formal scoring techniques. Watch them perform a collaboratively-composed score to the classic Buster Keaton silent film, The Goat.

Tiny Rhymes is a Buffalo, New York-based chamber-folk group lead by singer-songwriter Sharon Mok. The group met through the University of Buffalo music department, where Mok was a piano technician, and their music reflects substantial and diverse musical training. For this performance, Mok will team up with Talujon percussionist (and University of Buffalo faculty) Tom Kolor to give her songs a distinctly different color. Before hearing these new interpretations, check out Tiny Rhymes’ EP A Kinder History, below.

Super Balls and Tiny Rhymes play The Jazz Gallery on Monday, September 25th, 2017. Super Balls features Gyan Riley on guitar and David Cossin on percussion. Tiny Rhymes features Sharon Mok on vocals and Tom Kolor on percussion. Sets are at 7:30 (Super Balls) and 9:30 (Tiny Rhymes) P.M. $15 general admission (FREE for members) for each set. Purchase tickets here.