A look inside The Jazz Gallery

Album art courtesy of the artist.

The Jazz Gallery’s weekend of big bands continues on Friday, November 1, and Saturday, November 2, with a pair of album release concerts by saxophonist Remy LeBoeuf’s Assembly of Shadows. The eponymous album traverses LeBoeuf’s development as a big band composer, from the album’s opening track “Strata” (his first major big band commission from 2015; you can hear it below), to the five part “Assembly of Shadows” suite, premiered at The Jazz Gallery last December.
With composers like Charles Mingus and Aaron Copland as touchstones, LeBoeuf is unafraid of grand musical gestures. In a previous interview with Jazz Speaks, LeBoeuf talks about his penchant for epic musical moments:

I find myself writing a lot of epic things. I have one particular friend who always notes the “Lord of the Rings” moments I have in my music: There was a time in my life where, instead of drinking coffee or tea to get focused, I would watch exciting parts of movies to release endorphins in my brain before sitting down to write. When you’re in a movie, you might cry at a denouement moment, it’s just so emotional, which is a great state to be in while composing. You really feel the weight behind every melody, every texture. There was a while when I didn’t have a streaming service and I had the “Lord of the Rings” films on DVD, so I would watch those to get excited [laughs].

For the album release shows, LeBoeuf will be joined by many of his original collaborators from the studio album. Don’t miss this chance to hear LeBoeuf’s full-throated music envelope the Gallery space.

Remy LeBoeuf’s Assembly of Shadows celebrate the release of their self-titled debut album (SoundSpore) at The Jazz Gallery on Friday, November 1, and Saturday, November 2, 2019. The group is conducted by Erica Seguine and features Remy Le Boeuf, Ben Kono, Jeremy Powell, John Lowery, and Carl Maraghi on woodwinds; Sam Hoyt, Tony Glausi, Jonathan Saraga, and Stuart Mack on trumpets; Mike Fahie, Andy Clausen, Javier Nero Music, and Jennifer Wharton on trombones; Olli Hirvonen on guitar; Martha Kato on piano; Matt Aronoff on bass; and Peter Kronreif on drums. Sets are at 7:30 and 9:30 P.M. each night. $20 general admission ($10 for members), $30 reserved table seating ($20 for members) for each set. Purchase tickets here.