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Since the release of his debut album Beyond a Dream (Fresh Sound) a decade ago, Philip Dizack has established himself as a trumpeter of technical poise and unabashed lyricism. His sound is warm and enveloping, evoking a lush color that few trumpet players can match. On his second album, End of an Era (Truth Revolution Records), Dizack bathed his trumpet sound in a wash of strings.

Even when stripping the band down to a quintet on his follow-up album Single Soul (Criss Cross), Dizack’s music is still full-bodied and romantic. The track “Jacob and the Archangel” starts with a moody vamp before opening up to feature Dizack’s inimitable sound.

We at The Jazz Gallery are proud to present Philip and his band for an evening of gorgeous and expansive post-bop.

The Philip Dizack Quintet plays The Jazz Gallery on Thursday, January 29th. The group features Mr. Dizack on trumpet, Gilad Hekselman on guitar, Sam Harris on piano, Matt Penman on bass, and a drummer to be announced. Sets are at 8 and 10 p.m. $15 general admission ($10 for Members) for the first set, $10 general admission ($8 for Members for the second). Purchase Tickets Here.