A look inside The Jazz Gallery

Photo courtesy of the artist.

This Friday, March 8, The Jazz Gallery is pleased to welcome trumpeter Jonathan Finlayson back to our stage. Finlayson was last on our stage this past November, mentoring saxophonist Immanuel Wilkins and playing music from his new record, 3 Times Round (Pi). In an interview with Jazz Speaks, Finlayson spoke about watching Immanuel grow from gig to gig:

It’s like any great boxer or in any great sport—they switch the defense. You’re making micro-adjustments as the night goes on. It doesn’t mean you’re going to figure it out in one swoop, but any good musician is making small adjustments. It’s a new environment for [Immanuel], so [he’s] checking out the way that we play this music.

I was going to say, the second night was fun, but I was most curious about the second gig to the third gig. For me, I felt like that was even more interesting of a leap. It was just a completely different setting and we played pretty open, but I think what was most telling was afterwards I had a conversation with an older musician who swore up and down, Immanuel, that we had music and we had things worked out. But, you know, [Immanuel] can listen and Brian [Settles] can listen; cats are sensitive and pick things up. So of course, you can play spontaneously on an evening like that, and still make music of it without having any music.

Finlayson himself has gotten much positive notice for the music on 3 Times Round, including standout reviews from DownBeat and JazzTimes, as well as a place on PopMatters’s Best Jazz of 2018 list. If you haven’t checked out the record yet, take a listen to “Feint” and “Tap-Tap,” below:

For this show at the Gallery, Finlayson is switching things up a bit, featuring a bass-less quartet with saxophonist Brian Settles and pianist David Bryant. Come out on Friday to see what Finlayson and company have in store.

Jonathan Finlayson plays The Jazz Gallery on Friday, March 8, 2019. Mr. Finlayson, trumpet, will be joined by Brian Settles on tenor saxophone, David Bryant on piano, and a drummer TBA. Sets are at 7:30 and 9:30 P.M. $25 general admission ($10 for members), $35 reserved cabaret seating ($20 for members) for each set. Purchase tickets here.