A look inside The Jazz Gallery

Photo by Vincent Soyez, courtesy of the artist

Photo by Vincent Soyez, courtesy of the artist

For all the talk about jazz musicians who see no boundaries between styles and traditions, saxophonist Jérôme Sabbagh actually follows through in embracing this ideal. Few players can match Sabbagh’s scope as an improviser—he is equally prone to lyricism, muscular virtuosity, and textural abstraction. Last year, Sabbath released The Turn (Sunnyside), an album that showcased his wide-open aesthetic and the empathetic rapport of his working band.

This Thursday, November 12th, Sabbagh returns to The Jazz Gallery with a slightly altered quartet, featuring his longtime sparring partner—guitarist Ben Monder—and a rock-solid rhythm team of bassist Gary Wang and drummer Mark Ferber. In the meantime, check out this really sweet video recorded by the French jazz magazine, Djam.

The Jérôme Sabbagh Quartet plays The Jazz Gallery on Thursday, November 12th, 2015. The group features Mr. Sabbagh on saxophone, Ben Monder on guitar, Gary Wang on bass, and Mark Ferber on drums. Sets are at 7:30 and 9:30 P.M. $15 general admission ($10 for members) for each set. Purchase tickets here.