A look inside The Jazz Gallery

Photo by Devin DeHaven, courtesy of the artist.

This Sunday, January 14, The Jazz Gallery is proud to present a special performance of pianist Gerald Clayton performing music from his most recent album, Tributary Tales (Motema Music). In an interview with Jazz Speaks this past October, Clayton described the album’s conceptual origins:

I’ve been really inspired by nature and water. With a tributary being a small river that flows out of a larger body of water—I’ve been reflecting on that and how what we do is really connected to what came before us. We’re not setting out to recreate a language from the past, but the essence of the music that we love—that we’ve soaked up for years and years—still exists, and we carry along those messages that we learn from the elders.

At the Gallery this Sunday, Clayton will convene a band featuring many of the album’s original musicians, as well as Gallery favorites making a rare return to New York—saxophonists Logan Richardson and Walter Smith III, bassist Matt Brewer, drummer Henry Cole, and percussionist Gabo Lugo. Before coming to the Gallery on Sunday evening, you can stream the album below.

Pianist Gerald Clayton performs music from Tributary Tales at The Jazz Gallery on Sunday, January 14, 2018. The group features Mr. Clayton on piano, Logan Richardson on alto saxophone, Walter Smith III on tenor saxophone, Matt Brewer on bass, Henry Cole on drums, and Gabo Lugo on percussion. Sets are at 7:30 and 9:30 P.M. $25 general admission ($10 for members), $35 reserved cabaret seating ($20 for members) for each set. Purchase tickets here.