A look inside The Jazz Gallery

Photos courtesy of the artists.

This Sunday, May 20, The Jazz Gallery is pleased to present a concert from the Blueprints Piano Series. Curated by pianists Erika Dohi and Daniel Anastasio, the series brings together pianists from diverse backgrounds, putting classical, jazz, and contemporary concert music in dialogue.

This concert at The Jazz Gallery is entitled Ships of Theseus, and focuses on the art of transformation through transcription and improvisation. On the classical side, the program features Franz Liszt’s piano transcription of Schubert’s lied Gretchen am Spinnrade. Jazz pianist John Stetch will put his own spin on transcriptions of Mozart and Chopin. Fabian Almazan will offer an improvisation of his own, and Kris Davis will premiere her work, Abyss, commissioned by Blueprints and inspired by Cecil Taylor.

Before coming to the Gallery on Sunday, check out Glenn Zaleski’s improvisation from Blueprint’s Ephemera concert, last April.

The Blueprints Piano Series presents Ships of Theseus at The Jazz Gallery on Sunday, May 20, 2018. The concert features pianists Fabian Almazan, Kris Davis, Jeremy Jordan, John Stetch,
Daniel Anastasio and Erika Dohi. One set at 5:00 P.M. $10 general admission in advance ($15 at the door). Purchase tickets here.