A look inside The Jazz Gallery

Trina Basu (L) and Arun Ramamurthy (R). Photo courtesy of the artists.

This week, we at The Jazz Gallery are thrilled to open our doors and welcome back listeners for in-person concerts. We are so grateful for all of you who have come to our Monday night lockdown sessions and Thursday night livestreams, supporting our community of musicians during this trying time.

On Thursday, June 3, we’re teaming up with Brooklyn Raga Massive to present violinists Trina Basu & Arun Ramamurthy. As collaborators in both life and music, they’ve spent the pandemic trying to balance music with teaching and taking care of their family, as they highlight in a BRM livestream from February, below.

In a 2018 interview with Jazz Speaks, Basu discussed her and Ramamurthy’s synthesis of different musical traditions:

Our music is rooted in the Carnatic ragas and rhythmic structures. As a string quartet we can tap into the chamber music sound and create beautiful rich drones which is perfect for raga improvisations. There is a lot of experimentation and “breaking rules,” if you will, but we do try our best to retain the spirit of the raga or whatever it is we are tapping into at the moment. We’re both influenced by so many different styles of music but I think you will also find threads of jazz, western classical, and some version of experimental minimalist music.

For this performance, the duo will be joined by bassist Damon Banks and percussionist Dan Kurfirst, further expanding the palette of their music.

Violinists Trian Basu and Arun Ramamurthy play The Jazz Gallery on Thursday, June 3, 2021. The duo will be joined by Damon Banks on bass and Dan Kurfirst on percussion. Sets are at 7:30 and 9:30 P.M. $20 general admission ($10 for members), $30 for reserved table seating ($20 for members) for each set. Both sets will be livestreamed, $20 per set ($5 for members). Purchase tickets here.