A look inside The Jazz Gallery

Colin Stranahan (Photo by Brian Payne)

Colin Stranahan (Photo by Brian Payne)

Colin Stranahan is a sensitive and precise drummer. He moves around his left-handed kit with aplomb, his warm haze of cymbals punctuated by a crackling snare. Whether playing with Kurt Rosenwinkel or his collaborative trio Stranahan/Zaleski/Rosato, Stranahan has established himself as a force to be reckoned with behind the kit. Even ?uestlove has been known to check out Mr. Stranahan at the Bar Next Door.

While Stranahan may be best known for his work in hard-grooving, post-bop settings, there is another side to his musical personality, a side that is impressionistic and mysterious. Stranahan will showcase this Mr. Hyde side of his personality with his new band Pacemaker at The Jazz Gallery on Friday, January 30th, 2015. The group plays a mixture of original tunes by Stranahan and his compatriots, as well as favorite songs by the legendary drummer Paul Motian.

The name Pacemaker makes sense for a group led by a drummer, the heartbeat of the band. But on his Facebook page, Stranahan shows the name has a deeper meaning than just a metaphor for timekeeping.

My grandfather, Glen Stranahan, had a Pacemaker for most of his life. When I was a young boy, I remember him always telling me that when someone was going to use the microwave he had to go to the other room. I would follow him and always ask the same question. “What is a pacemaker? Does it make you feel better?” He would always nod with an intriguing grin on his face. It made me think the pacemaker had special powers. I believe the members of my band also have special powers. None of us have pacemakers.

Don’t miss this performance of magic and mystery at The Jazz Gallery on Friday night.

The Jazz Gallery presents Colin Stranahan’s Pacemaker on Friday, January 30th. Sets are at 8 and 10 p.m. The group features Mr. Stranahan on drums, Mark Turner on saxophone, Pete Rende on keyboards, Andres Matos on guitar, and Joe Martin on bass. $22 general admission ($10 for Members). Purchase Tickets Here.