A look inside The Jazz Gallery

Photo by Ben Anaman

As we mentioned in yesterday’s inaugural post, we created Jazz Speaks in order to provide you with a window into the world of The Jazz Gallery and the artists who grace our stage.

With this in mind, we are pleased to bring you what will be the first of many guest posts from the musicians who perform here, this one from composer/arranger/bandleader Darcy James Argue. Darcy and Secret Society – Darcy’s “usual band of miscreants and ne’er-do-wells” – will hold court at The Gallery this Friday-Saturday (January 6th-7th). Without further ado, Darcy speaks:

My co-conspirators and I
have, as they say, “a history” with The Jazz Gallery. They were the first legitimate jazz venue to host Secret Society – by “legitimate jazz venue,” I mean a venue with the word “jazz” in its name. (That was April 5, 2007, for those keeping track.) Two selections from Infernal Machines, “Jacobin Club” and “Obsidian Flow,” were commissioned by and premiered at The Jazz Gallery immediately prior to us going into the studio. Those who have not seen a big band perform in the Gallery’s intimate confines are often surprised that we are able to fit at all, but we’ve done it enough to develop a refined and intricate method of squeezing the band onto the stage. It’s always a kick to perform with the audience so close to the band, and the sound in the room is vivid, clear, and natural.

For our performances next week – Friday, January 6 and Saturday, January 7 – we will be reprising selections from our recent multimedia production, Brooklyn Babylon, for the first time since premiering the work at the Next Wave Festival in November. (Incidentally, we’ve just added some live audio from our run at the BAM Harvey Theater to the Brooklyn Babylon website.)

Additionally, in tribute to the memory of my compositional mentor, Bob Brookmeyer, we will also be performing pieces of mine that bear his unmistakable imprint.

For these shows, we’re very pleased to announce the return of co-conspirator emeritus Tim Hagans, whom we first encountered four years ago, during our first Canadian incursion. He’ll be joined by the usual band of miscreants and ne’er-do-wells:

Erica von Kleist
Rob Wilkerson
Sam Sadigursky
John Ellis (Jan. 6)
Mark Small (Jan. 7)
Josh Sinton

Seneca Black
Tom Goehring
Nathan Eklund
Nadje Noordhuis
Tim Hagans

Mike Fahie
Ryan Keberle
James Hirschfeld
George Flynn

Sebastian Noelle, guitar
Adam Birnbaum, piano
Matt Clohesy, bass
Ted Poor, drums

Tickets are $20/$10 for members/FREE for APAP badge-holders (reservations required – email


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