A look inside The Jazz Gallery

Camila Meza (l) via; Fabian Almazan (r) by Vincent Soyez

Camila Meza (l) via; Fabian Almazan (r) by Vincent Soyez

It was not a surprise when guitarist/vocalist Camila Meza & pianist Fabian Almazan decided to perform as a duo for their upcoming show on Friday, August 8th, 2014. Both artists have been frequent presences at the Gallery: Meza appeared with Ryan Keberle and Catharsis this past Saturday, as well as with her own quartet back in February; Almazan appeared as part of The Jazz Gallery’s 2012-13 Residency Commission series last September, as well as with Linda Oh in February.

More importantly, the pair has worked in close collaboration in the past: Almazan wrote duets for Meza and himself as part of his Residency Commission and also features Meza in his new Rhizome project, which released its self-titled album in March on Blue Note/ArtistShare (the band performs at the Village Vanguard later this month). The duo just performed this past weekend at The Falcon in Marlboro, New York, and we’re looking forward to hearing them as they continue to explore the possibilities of the duo format.

Camila Meza & Fabian Almazan perform this Friday, August 8th, 2014, at The Jazz Gallery. The performance features Meza on vocals, electric & acoustic guitars and Almazan on piano and keyboards. Sets are at 9 and 11 pm. $22 general admission, $10 for Members, and free for SummerPass Holders. Purchase tickets here.