A look inside The Jazz Gallery

Adam Larson’s SELECTIVE AMNESIA (Inner Circle Music, 2015)

When we last featured tenor saxophonist Adam Larson on our stage in June, he had just come off a US State Department-sponsored, month-long tour in Africa was preparing for a recording session at Sear Sound just one day after his show at the Gallery.

The session produced Larson’s third album as a leader, Selective Amnesia (Inner Circle Music, 2015). As he shares in the album’s EPK:

This project is really special for me because I get to include some of my favorite musicians that I’ve looked up to—either since I got to New York, or even since I’ve been in high school, listening to them on records.

These musicians include Matthew Stevens on guitar, Fabian Almazan on piano, Matt Penman on bass, and Jimmy Macbride on drums, and save for the substitution of Taylor Eigsti for Almazan on Thursday, the show will present the original lineup on Selective Amnesia. Since its release in November, the album has been commended for Larson’s “thoughtful [compositions], with ample breathing room for any soloists” (The New York Times) and its “maturity, virtuosity and elegance” (Something Else Reviews).

To learn and hear more about Selective Amnesia, check out the EPK below. We hope you’ll join us at The Jazz Gallery this Thursday, January 21st, to hear the music live and celebrate the release of Larson’s newest album.

The Adam Larson Quintet performs at The Jazz Gallery on Thursday, January 21st, 2016. The performance will feature Larson on saxophone, Matthew Stevens on guitar, Taylor Eigsti on piano, Matt Penman on bass, and Jimmy Macbride on drums. Sets are at 7:30 and 9:30 P.M. $15 general admission, FREE for Members. Purchase tickets here.