A look inside The Jazz Gallery

Photo via The Wall Street Journal

Thursday, April 5th, 2012:

Dear Jazz Gallerians:

I’m writing today to ask for your support as we enter a new phase of our organizational life.

The Jazz Gallery is facing what may be the most important challenge of our 17-year history. As you may have already heard, in December 2012 our lease will expire, and due to changes in the zoning of our building, we will have to move. We have started our search for a new home, and we have a lot of work to do over the next few months.

Nearly three years ago our beloved founder Dale Fitzgerald retired as Executive Director.  I believe many people thought The Jazz Gallery would not survive that change.  But I knew we would: not because of me, but because the work we do speaks for itself. All of us on the staff and board have pulled together with you to ensure that The Jazz Gallery will continue to be a wonderful home for countless jazz musicians and an incubator for creativity. It is my tremendous privilege to lead that effort. In spite of a recession and leadership transition, we are here delivering great music, and we intend to continue on!

We are looking for a new space that will maintain the intimacy and warmth of our current venue. It must provide musicians with great performance room acoustics, rehearsal space, and the ability to record and stream live music. We are committed to continuing to offer more than 180 performances a year, residency commissions, and The Woodshed, which provides free rehearsal space to musicians who have performed here.

To facilitate a smooth transition from one home to another, we are launching a campaign today to raise $250,000 to support the first phase of our moving plans.  These funds will fill our budget gap, and establish a cash reserve which will ensure that we can relocate with solid footing.

This isn’t about raising thousands of dollars from one person. (Although, of course, we wouldn’t turn down a large gift!) It’s about all of us who love The Jazz Gallery contributing what we can to make our move successful. Of course, large gifts are wonderful and always welcome, but if every person I am writing to today gives $50, we will take a huge step forward toward our goal.

Many of you have benefited from The Jazz Gallery over the past 17 years as audience members. Many of you are part of our family of jazz musicians; the very people who have made us what we are.  Many of you have made leaps of faith over the years and supported us through hard times as well as good ones.  All of you have an opportunity now to step up and list yourselves among the supporters who will carry The Jazz Gallery into a brilliant future.

Please donate today here or mail a check to The Jazz Gallery, 290 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013.

Wishing you peace, joy and inspiration through music,

Deborah Steinglass
Executive Director